rMail : Our messaging service solution hosted in Switzerland

rMail is the hosted messaging service solution you need. Our Microsoft Exchange-based system guarantees clients access to all the features they require.

This reliable and teamwork-oriented solution gives you greater flexibility, letting you access your work email from any device and location.

This solution is hosted 100% in our private data centers. Not a single byte of data is stored in the public Cloud.

Robust and secure messaging service

Our solution is based on Microsoft Exchange, a reliable, stable, robust and scalable system. It’s the go-to professional messaging service!

A tailor-made package

Choose the number of inboxes, their size, and more.

Our entire range is tailor-made and customized.

Bring down costs

A tailor-made package where you only pay for what you use. No nasty surprises at the end of the month!

Benefits of the rMail solution

  • Reliable, secure messaging service for the workplace
  • Data hosted in our private data centers
  • Accessible from all your devices

Data hosted 100%
in Switzerland

Data hosting is based exclusively in Switzerland. The service is operated from our secure data centers and monitored 24 hours a day.

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