rProtect : An IT environment that’s always up-to-date!

rProtect  is the solution that guarantees you everything a company needs for an effective patch management strategy for your servers and all your workstations.

Central management

All patches are grouped onto a single console making it easy to set out a comprehensive and effective strategy for all your equipment.

Comprehensive knowledge base

Not only do you benefit from the classic Windows patches, you also get patches for any type of application such as Adobe products, web browsers and more.

Patch testing

All available patches have been tested in advance, guaranteeing trouble-free installation.

Benefits of the rProtect solution

  • Comprehensive, effective patch management
  • All patches tested and validated
  • Compatible with the main operating systems, Windows and Linux

Data hosted 100%
in Switzerland

Data hosting is based exclusively in Switzerland. The service is operated from our secure data centers and monitored 24 hours a day.

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