rWork : Your tailor-made IT infrastructure hosted by us

rWork is a tailor-made hosting solution customized to meet your real needs, giving you access to your company’s data and professional software in a secure, dedicated environment.

This solution is hosted 100% in our private data centers. Not a single byte of data is stored in the public Cloud.

Only pay for what you use

Billing is based exclusively on your use of the resources. You’re in complete control of your costs and can add the options required to scale up your company at any time.

Security and performance guaranteed

Our technical team is on hand, following your projects and offering suitable, secure, high-performance solutions: certificates, VPN links, encryption and more.

A scalable, flexible solution

We can very quickly provide you with an rWork environment adhering to your framework. No more need to invest in oversized servers, just a scalable hosted infrastructure that’s customized to your needs.

Benefits of the rWork solution 

  • Tailor-made solution, customized to meet your real needs
  • Data hosted in our private data centers
  • Cost control

Data hosted 100%
in Switzerland

Data hosting is based exclusively in Switzerland. The service is operated from our secure data centers and monitored 24 hours a day.

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