rSpam : Our private message filtering solution hosted in Switzerland

rSpam is a message filtering system ensuring advanced security for your company’s messaging service, without making it any more complex. Unwanted emails, phishing, identity theft and illegal content are just a few of the blocked email categories.

This solution is hosted 100% in our private data centers. Not a single byte of data is stored in the public Cloud.

Save time

With our solution, getting disturbed by unwanted emails is a thing of the past, and you can focus on your tasks.

All bases covered

You no longer get unwanted emails in your inbox, just a report. No more temptation to click on potentially dangerous links.

Backup MX

Messaging servers down? Don’t panic, rSpam stores your emails during the interruption and releases them to you as soon as normal operation is restored.

Benefits of the rSecurity solution 

  • Efficient solution for blocking unwanted content
  • Greater productivity
  • Backup MX solution

Data hosted 100%
in Switzerland

Data hosting is based exclusively in Switzerland. The service is operated from our secure data centers and monitored 24 hours a day.

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